Guidelines To Use Amazon Affiliate Program

Guidelines To Use Amazon Affiliate Program

Guidelines To Use Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is an multi national technology company and one of the highly popular online business marketplaces. Small business and high business have opportunities to work with Amazon and earn huge by Amazon affiliate program, which is very much famous and trending now a days.Amazon affiliate provide you some tools as marketing and analytics for maximizing your earning level.Here below some tips and guidelines to use Amazon Affiliate program:

Log in

Scroll down at the footer section of Amazon homepage. Click on the Become an Affiliate. A page will be open and click on join Now, redirect to you to the signup page, where you filled the form details and create your account.

Submit Details

The form is pretty lengthy, but it’s simple to fill. You should provide only correct and appropriate information. Therefore, add only personal detail information.

A lot of websites ask for you about your website details to get the idea of your website traffic. For example, AdSense, etc. So, Thus Amazon affiliate also do this.

In the next fill the profile form where things like store ID, Mobile app list and much more other things. Take it easy.

Verify your identity

Amazon asks for your phone number to verify your identity. The number is used for automated call. A pin code sent to your phone number and you have to entered. That’s it you verify yourself in Amazon affiliate program.

Payment Method

Finally In the last step of creating Amazon account is selecting your payment method which is important part of this. Either you also set payment method later.

To begin Some payment options are listed below:

Amazon gift card.

Direct Deposit (which is not available for international connections)

Check $15 processing fee (international connections)

Completing the Registration and get access to Amazon affiliate platform and then you get links of the products through Amazon and start earning huge amount of money from Amazon.

By the way above all guidelines to use Amazon affiliate program to take your business to the next level.

Get the Amazon affiliate marketing platform today.

Good Luck.

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