How To Install WhatsApp On PC: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Install WhatsApp On PC

How To Install WhatsApp On PC

WhatsApp now a days is the most popular and famous messaging application right now all over the world in the smartphone, approximately 1 billion daily active users worldwide. WhatsApp application available in all OS. Store like iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian. The usage of messages is reduced by WhatsApp among the people. The best part of WhatsApp is its not just allow you to convey messages but also allows you to share images and videos clips, documents file, Gifs etc. Don’t worry about your message’s delivery like the normal SMS by your network. WhatsApp will deliver your messages immediately when your opponent has active on WhatsApp or active Wi-Fi. WhatsApp will become better and better day by day. Now you can also Install and download WhatsApp messages Application in Laptop or PC.

Its very important for us because some time we active on smartphone and some time on PC. Below are step by step guide that how to install WhatsApp on PC:

1. Blue Stacks App Player (Emulator)

There are two versions, one is normal Blue Stacks and other is thin Blue Stacks. The normal version is little difficult and sometime prevent error or slow loading. The thin Blue Stacks is easier to install and very reliable so always use this, which is recommended by most users.

Get the Thin Blue Stacks App Players

2. Install Blue Stacks App Player

Before Download and installing make sure you have enough space on your storage of 2 GB to 4GB Free Space. Make sure Download and install latest version of Blue Stacks.

Select OK when you see messages related graphics or drivers.

After installation is complete, the screen will be shown where you can see and select messaging icon and then select WhatsApp.

3.Now Download WhatsApp on PC

By clicking on WhatsApp icon, the downloading process will start in PC.

You have to wait and sit back until Download completes.

4. Install WhatsApp on PC

After downloading WhatsApp, you will see Installed label below WhatsApp icon.

Click WhatsApp icon to open the application (App).

5. Settings of WhatsApp in PC

When you open the WhatsApp in PC you will see in your screen, where few statements Shown up Click “Agree and Continue”.

Enter your Mobile Number and WhatsApp will send you verification code to confirm that is your personal identity of yours. Enter verification code to continue process. Some times the code will take time to send on your Phone Number, in this case you verify your self by call function process to know your code.

You think its not a good idea to install WhatsApp on PC but its very helpful when you have sudden issues in your smartphone.

That’s it the process of how to install WhatsApp on PC.

Good Luck.

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