WordPress Beginners 10 Tips: Rank Easily

WordPress beginners 10 Tips

      WordPress Beginners 10 Tips

Below are the incredible WordPress beginners 10 Tips:

1. Always Remember Theme Footer

In the theme footer always use copyright content, owner name, contact us links and about your site also.

Never forget that people scroll and see your site footer to see who the admin or owner of the site.

2. Find Library Content Easily

In one folder you find content easily by just typing in search box and content show up to you.

Set your WordPress and move your media files to one folder, that you can search by name, go to Settings & Media and uncheck the button next to “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.”

3. Clean Permalinks

All search engines Google, Bing and yahoo also find you by using short “road sign” so you put your hardworking compelling content of your site.

Use WordPress built-in permalink locate at the top of editing page of your WordPress to revise your link before publishing them. Remove useless words, and use of perfectly keywords.

4. Give Your Attention On Landing Pages

Landing pages remove interruption and provide focus the consideration.

A lot of pro themes provide landing page like prose from studio press. It has no navigation and more white space to work on it.

Landing page on one action focus visitor attention which you want them to take and there is chance that they fill that form, follow this, Spread love etc.

If your theme not have landing page feature the WordPress software provide you some help to create this premise landing page. It’s work on every WordPress theme with control on styles.

5. Make Best Use Of Description And Titles

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn also show title and description when you share a link of your post.

When your page is available in search engines, the title and description shown below and when people see this whether to click on your link or not. Titles are also important in page.

So always write perfect description and title for your posts.

6. Use Image

Images can convert your website to the new level, these images provide beauty and also work for search engine optimization.

When you upload image in website, you have to put some related keywords in title of image so when image is unavailable to users, they see this title and know what the post is about.

Image title also work when someone hover in your image the title shown.

7. Don’t Think Sidebar Is Hall Closet

You people know that thing, whenever you think about opening your hall closet and you are afraid to open because all stuff on the top might fall out and hit you on your head.

WordPress sidebars also look like that if you imagine.

In WordPress sidebar there is stuff like ads, your social media icons, categories, pages links to your recent write post, tweets, photos of your Facebook followers, blaaa blaaa. Buried all information might be a link you like your site visitor to click it, even you unable to find them if users cannot find them.

For fixing this situation,

Go to your WordPress Appearance then Widgets and remove all the things, all means which are useless except those widgets which are important for your business.

8. Yoast SEO Plug-in

If you have not installed this plugin you have to immediately install it on your website.

This plugin provides you best features when your writing your post, it can automatically find mistake, problems and inform you to solve this problem.

9. Improve Website Speed

Website speed is also the part of best ranking website. You can check your website speed load time on online website speed checker. If your site speed is low and takes time to load then you should remove useless material from website, try to remove plugins which are not usable, unnecessary images and videos etc.

10. Choose Right Themes

Always choose best and right themes for your website that make your visitor more focus on your website. Use of attractive themes also the trick to maintain your traffic.

Is should be optimized theme; Customizable styles so change what you want. It should work with all plugins and have viewable in all devices.

This is the WordPress beginners 10 Tips. That’s it.

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